As the CEO and Founder of The Mission Continues, I am deeply appreciative of all that you have done and are doing on behalf of wounded and disabled veterans.

Your recent dinner in memory of my friend and fellow Navy SEAL, James Suh, was personally meaningful to me, and was deeply meaningful to all of us at the Center for Citizen Leadership who work with wounded and disabled veterans to help them to continue to serve our communities and our country.

We believe that our wounded and disabled veterans are an asset to our country, and we believe that the greatest thing that we can do for them when they come home, is to let them know that we believe in them by challenging them to continue to serve in our communities and by helping them to meet that challenge. Your friends and colleagues at ProNet, are helping us make this a reality.

I have the good fortune to work every day with an incredible team of wounded veterans and citizens who work to say "thank you" by living the beliefs of those who serve and sacrifice. Today, I'm honored to know that you are part of our our team. Thank you.

    Lt. Eric Greitens, US Navy SEAL

    CEO and Founder of The Mission Continues

I feel very fortunate that ProNet International Gifts & Scholarships awarded a generous scholarship to Stand United For Veterans. With this funding we are able to plan a Veterans Summit on Education encouraging other student veterans to take leadership roles on their campuses. PNIG&S support is very valuable, it is organizations like these that help provide veteran students the opportunity to continue their education, and advocate for other veterans. I sincerely wish to thank PNIG&S ; it is a great accomplishment being acknowledged by an organization that cares so deeply for the veteran population.

    Timothy J. Smith, Veteran US Army, Field Artillery, Iraq 2004

    Grad. Student, George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO