The Arthur Robert "Bob" Troutt Memorial

Bob was a famous artist, especially around his hometown, Mount Vernon, Illinois. Bob was especially known for painting a mural at the Granada Theatre which displayed many different Hollywood stars that Bob grew up watching in the same movie theatre. He was a published artist in Guns & Ammo magazine, Field & Stream, and Harris Publishing Company. Bob has gifted countless numbers of sketches and drawings to friends and family all over the USA.

Bob was proud, and spoke often, of his military service, a former Green Beret with the Special Forces in Vietnam. He fought in several battles, including but not limited to Ney Koto, Latrang and Danang. After his service in the military, Bob lost himself in the mountains and forests of Alaska for several months in order to give himself time to come to terms with his experiences in Vietnam. He learned to express his feelings and opinions by brush and written word, funding his "walkabout" with countless sketches and drawings for people he met along the way to pay for room and board.

Upon his return Bob attended and graduated from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois with a degree in Forestry. His studies evolved into tree climbing and landscaping which gave him the opportunity to stay in touch with nature and the "outside". His winter avocation, his art work, soon became not just a hobby but an extension of his occupation. Bob's love for art started as a young child and with age and wisdom, developed into something deeper and more intuitive. Much of Bob's art work depicts his military service to our country. Some work is calm and peaceful, showing great love for nature and animals; other demonstrates the savagery and violence depicted in war by man.

Throughout his life Bob was devoted to his country and fellowman. He was a true patriot. Bob was a mentor to many young man and a strong role model. He taught and lived by self-pride, perseverance, courage, honor and respect. Bob, born, August 26, 1946 died August 3, 2007. Bob was most proud of his two children, Sarah Boyles (Steve Boyles) and Travis Hacker (Kim Hacker) and his three grandchildren.

Look below to see a reflection of Bob's life through samples of his art work. Your donations to the Arthur Robert "Bob" Troutt Memorial Fund will help veterans, their families, and children who intend to pursue a higher education.