The William E. Brand Jr. Memorial

William E. Brand Jr. received his law degree in 1961 from St. Louis University. In addition to his own private law practice, he was also an independent insurance adjuster for National Claims Service, Inc., owned by Markel Corporation of Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Brand rapidly advanced with National Claims Service, Inc., receiving promotions to branch manager and eventually senior vice president. During his career, Mr. Brand served as the vice president of the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (NAIIA) and was a member of the Blue Goose.

In 1989, Mr. Brand left National Claims Service, Inc. to become the creative force behind Allmark Services, Inc. Additionally, he was responsible for aiding in the design and implementation of the "Time Billing System," one of the first computer programs designed for independent insurance adjuster file management, thus insuring the continuation of his professional legacy.

William E. Brand, Jr. was a husband and father of six children and fourteen grandchildren. He encouraged his employees, partners, and peers, as well as his children to always act professionally and adhere to high ethical standards and a sense of fairness. He emphasized the importance of education, hard work, and continued professional improvement. He demonstrated compassion by providing legal aid to those who could generally not afford the high cost of legal services. It is for these reasons that we have established the William E. Brand, Jr. Memorial Fund.

Your donations to the William E. Brand, Jr. Memorial Fund will help veterans, their families, and children who intend to pursue a higher education in both undergraduate and graduate work, including a Law Degree at an accredited university.